CTS-SEMIKON is a technical and trading company that supplies multiple industry branches in Poland. We cooperate with, for instance, food, engineering, mining and metallurgy companies. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers' needs by supplying them with parts for maintenance and production and also with investment projects.

CTS-SEMIKON offers not only the product but also permanent advisory, technical support, innovative ideas and project support which give the so-called value added service.

Basing on our experience and continuous expansion of knowledge we reach for new solutions that provide continuous operation of machinery in factories and overcoming difficulties that our customers may encounter.

The main field of our activity is the supply of mechanical parts, hydraulic components, pneumatics, transport belts, seals, plastic products and health and safety measures. To meet customers' expectations, CTS-SEMIKON updates its projects and develops appropriate departments. In our cooperations with clients we can also deal with special orders offering custom made mechanical parts like sprockets, gear shafts and hollow bushings. Parts are made basing on technical drawings obtained from the customer, our inspection on site and on technical requirements determined with our client. All supplied parts and products are covered by 12 months warranty.

We hope that our offer will meet your interest and will result in cooperation with our company.