In our offer you can find a full range of products for pneumatic systems. The items offered are as follows:

  • pneumatic drives: actuators, pneumatic grippers, sensors, shock-absorbers, and hydraulic brakes,
  • valves and solenoids,
  • air preparation components: pneumatic modules, reducers, filters, lubricators, small pressure regulators, pressure gauges,
  • connectors: universal, miniature, rotary bearings, off, air nozzles, for braking systems, couplers,
  • valve terminals,
  • industrial armature: ball valves, pneumatic rotary actuators, electric rotary actuators, non-return valves, water filters and regulators, throttles,
  • diaphragm pumps, compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic motors,
  • pneumatic wires and accessories,
  • pneumatic drive systems.

We can offer products above of the following manufacturers: BOSCHREXROTH, SMC, END GmbH, CAMOZZI, CKd, SANG-A, CPP, ORIGA, PARKER, HYDROPNEU, DANFOSS, MAHLE, SCHUNK, VALBIA, YAMADA.