Assortment that we can offer is to ensure the safety, comfort and cleanliness in the workplace. Our products meet the stringent CE standard required in European Union which we can confirm with proper certificates. Items offered by CTS-SEMIKON below:

  • hand protection - reinforced, leather, heat-resistant, coated, fabric, plastic, blade-resistant, anti vibration, or electrical insulating gloves,
  • body protection - clothing, jackets, blouses, pants, suits, vests, shirts, underwaer, leather garments,
  • head protection - helmets, hats, caps,
  • hearing protection - ear muffs, protective pads,
  • eye protection - goggles, safety glasses, face shields,
  • respiratory protection - masks, full masks, half masks, respirators, filters,
  • leg protection - shoes, rubber boots, pads, socks,
  • protection against fall - harnesses, shock absorbers, latches, links,
  • hygiene and cleanliness measures - towels, rags, absorbents, buckets, dust pans, mops.
  • In addition, we can offer delivering towels to your company in five types:
  • thick colored wipers,
  • cotton colored wipers,
  • white cotton wipers,
  • tricot/flannel colored wipers,
  • tricot/flannel white wipers,

Wipers offered are ideal for factories, car workshops, service centers, paint factories, turneries, locksmiths, polygraphy etc.